Congressman Brad Sherman supports musicians in contract fight

Brad Sherman 2

California Congressman Brad Sherman (CA-30) has come out in support of film and TV musicians fighting for improved working conditions for their work in new media.

In a letter sent to the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, Rep. Sherman wrote: "The work of musicians contributes greatly to the culture and economy of the San Fernando Valley, and it is my hope that you will work in good faith toward a fair and equitable agreement for the artists who perform music for streaming films and television shows.

"The film and TV industry relies on hard-working professionals, including musicians, in order to thrive. Many of my constituents have been able to build good careers contributing to the success of Hollywood.

"Today, technology is changing the way audiences watch movies and TV shows, but music is just as important as ever. Actors, writers, and even the singers that perform with musicians all receive streaming residuals. Musician contracts should be modernized for the streaming era as well."