Musicians Protest HBO Max Launch at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank

Underneath the famed Warner Bros. water tower in Burbank on the afternoon of Oct. 29, musicians held an impromptu performance and rally outside the studio gates as investors inside received news on the launch of WarnerMedia’s new HBO Max service.

The event prompted the musicians’ protest calling on major studios to compensate musicians fairly for their work on streaming films and shows.

“Musicians make immeasurable contributions to motion picture and television projects, and our work on new media projects should be no different than the traditional media we work on,” said Martin McClellan, a pianist, orchestrator and music copyist.

“It is time to raise wages and offer a residual compensation for new media in line with the other creative teams in the movie and television making process,” said Donald Foster, clarinetist. “It is the only fair and right thing to do.”

1 thought on “Musicians Protest HBO Max Launch at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank”

  1. Twenty years of free music. Twenty years of the musicians doing nothing to save the music business. A bit late to turn this huge mess around. And now Discovery is changing the rules. When everybody can get free music on YouTube and Spotify then why should big corporations pay the musicians anything? Say goodbye to the music business. Go get another job. Not much choice now, unless you want to live a life of extreme poverty. And twenty years of the AFM doing nothing to stop the theft of music. Of course they are still getting paid a salary!

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