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#BandTogether is a grassroots campaign to improve standards for musicians working on streaming films and television shows.

Members of the American Federation of Musicians are coming together across the country to demand a fair contract from major studios including Disney, ABC, Warner Bros, CBS, MGM, Sony, Paramount, NBCUniversal and others.


The Issues:

As major film and television studios prepare to launch their own streaming platforms, they are refusing to grant industry-standard residuals and wages to the musicians who work for them.


Musicians have traditionally received a small portion of revenue from the films and TV shows they work on, along with actors, writers and directors. But with streaming, the major studios are excluding musicians from their fair share, slashing musicians’ overall pay.


These corporations generate billions of dollars in profits every year, and streaming is likely to make them even more profitable. The shift toward streaming should not mean a shift toward poverty for people working in the industry.

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The Solution:

Rally For Residuals for Local 47

Musicians are demanding a contract that includes good working conditions, fair wages, and residuals for musicians working in new media.

Get Involved:

  • Sign up here to #BandTogether with musicians and support our fight for a fair contract:
  • Stand with musicians to help raise awareness about the studios’ refusal to negotiate a fair contract.
  • Speak with your school, union or place of worship about supporting to the campaign officially.
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